The Successful Completion of a Radiance Workshop

The Consciousness Scanner process from Integrated Life Consultant & Scanner Professional Workshop

"Simplicity, simplicity & simplicity is the only key to success!"  - Dr.S.K. Ramesh

His presence, speech, touch, embrace, gaze & breath, evokes the healing and let go process. 

 He says that this isn't limited to him because everyone has the ability to achieve this state....

Thousands of attendees ask him for the trio touch - left cheek (cleanses the past), right cheek (cleanse the future)

and the forehead brings them to the PRESENT MOMENT....

Curiosity was the key in leading Dr. S.K. Ramesh to do new things and take up new paths. Through his vast 39 years of experience as a Doctor he knew there was something more, something far greater within each one of us which is significant in making anything and everything POSSIBLE. 

It always begins with a quest. The quest for Dr. Ramesh began when he realized that he doesn't have a solution for many diseases in spite of being an educated and successful surgeon. He really wanted to find the reason of disease and a solution for the same. Little did he know, that this quest would lead to so many realizations of the material world. He learnt that, "the problems of ageing are due to disease, disease is due to persistent stress..." This cycle can be applied to every aspect of life, in every profession, in every organization, only the terminology might be different. 

But why do people go into stress? Normally, the body has the capacity to compensate however, the body loses its ability to compensate due to a lack of energy, resulting in persistent stress.

Scanning organs to detect stress levels...

The En-Connect Process with Nature from Freedom workshop

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​In his next quest he stepped from the ​Material World  in to the Energy World. Here, Dr. S.K. Ramesh realized that the lack of energy is as a result of ignorance, a lack of education and lack of knowledge. This further led him to explore and experience the World of Consciousness.

This brings us to the present, where Dr. S.K. Ramesh has become a Master in Material, Energy and Consciousness.

​Our highest sense, is the sense of Awareness and this belongs to the Formless ​(the source of form) which resides within us. 

Just like how you're aware that you're a human being similarly, the formless is aware that it has Absolute Potential.  His enlightenment journey through awareness has brought forth a system, which educates people of how to live in awareness. Dr. S.K. Ramesh is a Master in teaching the universe of material, energy, consciousness and awareness.