The Freedom Solution, along with techniques, Potent tools and the MEF Freedom Pendant shall teach you about INTEGRATED FREEDOM at ALL levels be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and environmental. 

​​Freedom is self-ownership of your body, mind and soul!

​Freedom is the right to choose!

Freedom is the path to salvation!

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ACT Level 2 - The Freedom Solution

Pre-Requisite: 3 weeks after ACT Level 1 - The Solution

​Here are a few of the topics that shall be covered during The Freedom Solution:

  • Problem Assessment & Approach
  • The Disintegrated to Integrated system
  • The MEF C Pendant
  • Time & Space Compression
  • En-train-ment
  • Sleeping in an Expanded state
  • Understanding of Consciousness Centers
  • Release of Blockages
  • MEF Freedom Technique

​Each individual should have the freedom to choose to attend this program.If and only if their mind, body and soul desires to experience this Freedom Solution they should.

ACT Level 2 - The Freedom Solution is a 12 Hours program.