ACT Level 3 - The Life Solution (Shambala)

Pre-Requisite: The Solution 

The Life Solution will teach one how to dissolve barriers and borders to let one experience "The Truth", "The Joy of Oneness without Borders", "The Integrated Experience" and "The Complete Freedom" to fulfill ALL our desires.

The topics that shall be covered in The Life Solution are as follows:

Achieving ALL our desires through:

1) Perfect compression and uniform distribution of ones’ universal existence. 

2) Spreading the sea of love within our surroundings and us.

3) Experiencing the Divine Oneness in everyone and everything.

4) Taking decisions in the heart, executing in the mind and carrying it out physically.

5) Maintaining confidentiality until the goal becomes a reality.

6) Unifying the forces of the body, mind, intellect, energy and consciousness.

7) Learning how to manifest our desires.

8) Sustaining ALL with Enrichment.

9) Finally achieving Fulfillment. 

Shambala is a reality, an existence at a higher state of vibrations. When we manifest by raising ourselves to that vibratory level, we enter Shambala. In order to manifest our Shambala state we need to adopt the above principles in our lifestyle. If we constantly dissolve the unwanted, we can strengthen and grow our existence into Shambala.

ACT Level 3 - The Life Solution (Shambala) is a 8 Hours program. 

Let us come together to Raise the Consciousness of Humanity!

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