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ACT Level 4 - The Radiance Solution

Pre-Requisite: 6 weeks after ACT Level 3 - The Life Solution

​After completing and practicing the Freedom Solution and Life Solution the time has come for us to evolve further. 

The MEF Freedom techniques and practice helped us remove our blocks, knots, clouds, darkness etc. that over time has created a veil around the SUN within us. Now that we have removed our obstacles by our practice, the SUN has started shining and we are ready to take the next step to:
​RADIATE the different aspects of the sun within us.
Learn to raise our radiance (consciousness) from base levels to peak levels.
Learn to exist at various levels.
Learn to pulsate at different levels of our radiance (consciousness) expansion.

​Radiance is a visible expression of our consciousness.  After we are illuminating at our highest within ourselves; the next step is to illuminate everywhere in our surroundings.

The time has also come to ENCONNECT  with humans and learn how to jump start, hold hands and become one to teach them their transformation process consensually.

ACT Level 4 - The Radiance Solution is a 12 Hours program.

Simplicity, Simplicity and Simplicity is the only key to Success!”– Dr. S.K. Ramesh