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ACT Level 5, 6 & 7- The Blossoming Solution

Our Self Universe

Pre-Requisite: ACT Level 1,  ACT Level 2, ACT Level 3, ACT Level 4, Life Consultant Level 1, Life Consultant Level 2 & Life Consultant Level 3 & Bachelors Degree. 

❖    It will teach one how to DE-PROGRAM (CLEANSE/LET GO) , ACCESS and BLOSSOM our Self Universe: 

​Physical Universe
Life Force Universe
Mind Universe
Knowledge Universe
Fate Universe
Bliss Universe
Higher Self Universe
Sacred Self Universe
The Formless Self Universe

​❖    The Blossoming Workshop has a tremendous transforming effect on our environment namely; cosmic environment, our work/business/career space, community, home, family etc.  The above mentioned process can be applied to any aspect of our world as everything is a self similar holographic universe.
❖    Access the Energy World in the first three days. 

❖    Access the Consciousness World in the next three days. 

❖    Ascend to the Awareness World in the last three days. 

❖    The whole process involves techniques, sound exercises, tools and gestures.

 ❖    The training is very measurable and involves a lot of practices. 

❖    It is an experience from form into formless and experience into experience-less-ness. 

❖    It is all about achieving  the very purpose of life. 

​❖    The possible happenings are: 
Health & Wellbeing
Awaken the Infinite Potential 
Clear the Unwanted 
Enlightenment & Self Realization
Astral Travel 

ACT LEVEL 5, 6 & 7 - The Blossoming Solution is a 36 Hours program inclusive of certification.

Mandatory Assessment Prior & Post Workshop: 
1) Physical Assessment - Free
2) Consciousness Scanner Assessment - Free 

​❖ Optional Assessment: 
1) Organ Stress Assessment before and after workshop - Universal Imaging Scanner.