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​​​​Balanced Life Solution consultation

A Balanced Life Solution consultation can be opted to be done either online or in person. Anyone who chooses to, can take a personalised consultation with our certified life consultants to understand and design a customised balanced life solution, to help them let go of all their imbalances, on their own, in a natural way.

After your first session we will recommend a package of 3, 9, 18, 27 sessions as per the type of imbalance(s) you have. The solutions will include personalized consultations with a certified life consultant, ACE to MEF transformation sessions (Living aesthetics, Sampoorna Kalpa), Life journey solutions, ACE to MEF BLS eating and cooking solutions, ACE to MEF exercises / dance / music solutions.

Additionally you are welcome to participate in your city’s BLS support group wherein you can share your experiences, tips, get your questions answered and motivate each other. If you choose to start a support group, we would be available to help in any way required.

To book your BLS consultation send an email to