The Solution for Kids and Early Teens (ages 8-18) is a short 3 hours totally interactive, experiential workshop with Dr Ramesh. He will guide the participants through a simple process called The Solution Exercise.

Parents can stay for the first 20 minutes to half an hour along with the participants so as to understand how the workshop will unfold.

The following aspects will be explained:

·    Focus
·    Attention
·    Awareness
·    Consciousness
·    Performance
·    Concentration
·    Time Management
·    Memory
·    Respect

·    Compassion

​What does it mean to be a Human Being? Child? Teenager? Young Adult? Student? Sibling? Classmate? World Citizen?

How to study?
How to get answers?
What to do before tests, exams, sports or games for optimal performance?

These and similar situations will be discussed. The Solution and how it can be used at these times will be demonstrated and experienced.

 Kids and Teens Solution is a 3 Hours program


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