The Life Consultant Level 1 is a 8 Hours Workshop. 

Understand more about scanning through the Article on Enriching the Environment

What will you learn:-

- ​Introduction to the Consciousness Scanner 
- How to approach the client 
- Scanning of the client
- Scanning of the client home and workspace under and over the ground 
- Scanning of Astrological Imbalances 
​- Scanning of the Chakras
​- Scanning of the Organs ​
​- Scanning for Solutions
​- Follow up & Advise​

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Scanner Workshop

With our MEF technology we have a universal solution for ALL that we can experience and share with others.  ​Now, with the MEF Consciousness Scanner we can identify the issue, offer a solution and Test the result! 

​Dr. Ramesh’s Potent MEF Consciousness Scanner provides us the opportunity to determine the level of the problem, before and after MEF Transformation & Wellness session.

​The MEF Consciousness Scanner works to detect water and the positive or negative effect of the water on an individual residing in that space. We must remember that 70% of our human body is made up of water, therefore our balanced and healthy body functioning depends on the water we consume. 

​Additionally, by using the MEF Consciousness scanner one can further detect issues present in an individual due to the astrological influence of the Stars, Planets on that individual. ​Lastly the scanner has no LIMITS and can also detect whether there is a problem at any chakra, physical system, organ, spiritual levels, karmas, energies, consciousness etc. 

​In fact one has to be innovative in order use this scanner in any field for example: lie detection, compatibility, suitability of life partner, criminology, military science etc. 

​Of course there are many more questions you can find answers to, which will be taught in depth at the Dr. Ramesh’s Potent MEF Consciousness Scanner Workshop. After completing the workshop one will graduate as a certified MEF Consciousness Scanner Consultant and be trained to conduct scanning sessions for others.