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Life Consultant Level 2 

Basic MEF Techniques

Pre-Requisite: Immediately after Life Consultant Level 1. 

Dr S.K. Ramesh is a Medical Doctor, a Professor and Consultant of Traumatology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Wellness Sciences and Transformational Sciences.  He strongly feels that the reason most of us are not content is, due to a lack of Wisdom, Health and Wealth.  

​A lack of this true state leads to emotional problems like anger, anxiety, sadness and strained relationships. This further leads to stress at the mental level which blocks our ability to think clearly and take decisions rationally, bringing us to a state of confusion.  

​As a result, we are unable to Manifest and Fulfill our desires of Wisdom, Health and Wealth. These stresses eventually settle in the physical body in the form of aches, pains, organ imbalances and so called disease states.  

​Mankind has to overcome Pain and Fear which, are the reasons for imbalances in our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial health.  

​In his 39 years of experience of managing patients, along with the support and background of his family, Dr. S.K. Ramesh has created Universal Solutions in the form of Transformations, Education and Tools that Enrich Our Consciousness. He also teaches us certain techniques, with the help of tools, to bring back harmony to our lives!

What you will learn:​- 

- Introduction ​
- MEF (Manifestation, Enrichment & Fulfillment) Science & Technology
- Consciousness setup of the Office Environment
- Consciousness setup of the Furniture​
- Introduction to the Tools ​
- How to approach the client 

- Active Consciousness Session ​

- Follow up & Advise ​

- How to help correct imbalances in living and non-living structures

- How to help correct imbalances in the plant kingdom, animal kingdom etc.

​- How to help correct the influences of the astral bodies​

- The next steps

​ The Life Consultant Level 2 is a 8 Hours workshop.