The Life Consultant Level 3  is a 12 Hours Workshop.

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Life Consultant Level 3 

Advanced MEF Techniques

Pre-Requisite: Can be completed immediately after attending Life Consultant Level 1 & Level 2. 

​A consultant of life is one who can advise in the following fields; physical, mental, emotional, environmental, spiritual and financial wellbeing etc.

Now that you have already become a Life Consultant it is time to learn the advanced techniques in the Life Consultant Level 3 Workshop.
In this 3 day workshop you will learn: 
1)Potent MEF Distant Treatment 
•Since person is absent and cannot be reached through any form of communication, then a Distant Treatment is conducted by using their name and/or photo. 
2)Potent MEF Telephone Treatment 
3)Potent MEF Internet Treatment 
4)MEF Group Transformation
5)MEF Organ Massage 
6)MEF Anesthesia & Surgery 
7)MEF Therapy for Animals & Plants
8)MEF Astrological Therapies 
9) MEF Therapy for Non-Living Structures