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Life Consultant Series 

This series of workshops teaches one on how to be an adviser/consultant in all aspects of life. 
A consultant of life is one who can advise in the following fields; physical, mental, emotional, environmental, self, financial wellbeing etc.Through the life consultant series you will learn certain techniques and protocols with the help of tools, to bring back harmony to our lives.
This will give you the opportunity to establish a professional career as a consultant of life, product distribution business, teacher, franchise business and/or a wellness center business. The learning can be integrated into management of any aspect of life be it governance, corporations, businesses, communities, schools, universities, families, individuals, environment, nature etc. In fact all that we can conceive of. 

1) Life Consultant Level 1 - Scanner Workshop

2) Life Consultant Level 2 - Basic MEF Techniques

3) Life Consultant Level 3 - Advanced MEF Techniques

4) Life Consultant Level 4 - Product Experience & Training

5) Life Consultant Level 5 - Strengthening of Organs & Organ Systems

6) Life Consultant Level 6 - Universal Imaging Scanner Training

7) Life Consultant Level 7 - Bachelors Training

8) Life Consultant Level 8 - Masters Training + Thesis

9) Life Consultant Level 9 - PhD Training + Thesis + Defense

10) Living Aesthetics

11) Finance Solution