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 If we can create we can de-create, 

If we can lose our way we can find our way,

If we can fail we can succeed.

Mef Science & technology

​The MEF Science & Technology can be best understood through a story. The story of LIFE!
Life, we know it, feel it, do it and experience it day in and day out. However, have we ever stopped to ask ourselves: "What is Life?"

Life is...
- Being Alive!
​- Feeling Happy!
- Experiencing Love!
- Sharing Joy
- Achieving Success!

Life is to experience ALL our True Qualities and Make other experience their True Qualities.
​Scientifically we have understood that the factors that are common in all living forms are:
1) To intake energy (water, air, sleep, food) and to expel what is unwanted (waste).
2) To grow, develop and evolve in response to their environment which they live in.
3) To reproduce in order to pass on their lineage.

Every living or non-living form that exists in this universe goes through a process of generation and degeneration. Whether, it is a mountain, which is formed over millions of years, and slowly over Mother Nature's natural course of millions of years, it disintegrates into dust. Similarly, an animal or a human being is born beautiful, energetic, healthy and complete in ALL aspects. As they grow older to become an adult, they start experiencing dis-comforts, dis-ease, dis-stress due to a lack of knowledge/consciousness.

Imbalances and stress happen due to environmental influences of electromagnetic waves i.e. waves produced by telephone, radio, TV, pollution etc. Over time, these external and internal influences do not allow the body’s natural balancing mechanism to function, as it should. The body gets exhausted and stressed which leads to a blocking of the natural fractal (clockwise spiral) process, thus leading to a lack of energy.

In a sequential order this is what happens to us: ​

​​​This results in the process of ageing and its related problems to develop in the body. Ultimately when the time comes for a person to pass, their body is nowhere close to what it was when they were a newborn. We have ALL the energy and potential to bring about our natural balance however we are unable to use it because nobody has taught us how to. You are now probably able to understand where we are going with these examples... So, lets now take the example of a fruit, an apple. A tree grows, blossoms, and finally, fruits develop and ripen. Once plucked from the tree, over time, the apple putrefies and then finally disintegrates. It is best to eat the ripe fruit as soon as it is plucked from the tree, however in most of the we don't get this opportunity.

We have noticed in experiments that the ageing process of the fruit can be delayed by using our MEF tools. Let me explain why this happens. When we see something beautiful and handsome, we feel good, and desire to be like that beautiful object/person. This evokes a natural body process towards fractality (clockwise spiral).

Similarly, the MEF tools evoke a process, which already exists in nature. A fractal clockwise organization of the water (major ingredient) contained in the apple, takes place, causing its ageing process to be delayed. This process of reorganization of the water molecules with MEF tools is similar to the results observed upon photographing of water crystals, after prayers have been chanted or after expressing loving words or after showing beautiful pictures etc., to a glass of water from nearby and from a distance.

This inbuilt natural phenomenon occurs, as most living structures are almost 70% water. So, a reorganization happens in solids and gases within us which is just a different state of a liquid. This reorganization is naturally evoked at ALL levels of creation. Thus, we can use the MEF tools to help evoke any level we desire to achieve. The MEF Science and Technology came about because, Dr.S.K. Ramesh decided that he wanted to find a solution, to teach mankind how to help themselves to dissolve their problems from the root.

​The MEF Science and Technology, through education, tools and services helps jumpstart the correction and reversal of the degenerative process, at ALL levels of Consciousness in ALL things - living or non-living.

Now, you may ask, how is this possible?
What exactly happens when we use an MEF education, service or tool?

Our consciousness at ALL levels in ALL aspects from a cell to an organ to our entire physical, mental, emotional, spiritual body resonated with the MEF education, service or tool, thus evoking our own natural repairing ability to raise itself thereby making us feel balanced emotionally, mentally, physically etc.

It is as simple as how we resonate with nature - the sight of beautiful wildlife or the smell of a rose flower or the cool breeze on a hot summer day - similarly, our consciousness has a potential to be at it's best and our very presence should attract all living beings to want to be with us. The awareness of a newborn baby is only to understand it's basic requirements (food, toilet, sleep) for survival. Where as, from the age of three and beyond an individual's awareness slowly expands to understand and conduct themselves to make major decisions in all aspects of their lives.

Our thoughts, confusions, emotions, experiences, memories, stresses, actions, lifestyles, environment all play a role in creating both, our problems and our successes. Intentionally or unintentionally we are the reason for our Dis-stress, Dis-ease and Dis-comforts.
We have the ability to heal ourselves and that is the belief and vision behind the creation and mission of the MEF science and technology.