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Dr. Ramesh is a self realized, self taught, enlightened and awakened master, whose mission in the world is to awaken the teacher within each one of us and experience the truth in order to realize and fulfill the very purpose of our life.

He has an illustrious background with several years of experience since 1972 as a qualified Medical Doctor, a Professor and Consultant of Traumatology, Orthopedic Surgery, PhD in Wellness Sciences and DSc Transformational Sciences and Age Management Sciences.

During his early stages of training as a Medical Student from KGMC, Lucknow, India he could not understand how the instruction patterns to living systems were being transmitted. He also wondered why some people became sick as they aged but many people had health & vitality in their old age. With this in mind, he went ahead in search of his quest to prevent Disease & Aging.

Dr. Segu Krishna Ramesh



During his quest, he went to several teachers, did conventional medical training as well as studied ancient, non-conventional, and futuristic books and techniques, only to become confused and overwhelmed. He had to let go of all his previous trainings, courses and media in order to be with himself. That’s when everything started to unfold slowly and he realized that:

  1. One has to awaken the teacher within
  2. ALL the knowledge of the universe is inside us
  3. We have come for a purpose in this life, which we have to find and fulfill

He was able to identify that there is a connection all the way to the source, how information systems are transmitted to our body, and how we are connected to our environment. It gave him a clear understanding of how:

  1. One creates disease for oneself
  2. One can prevent disease
  3. One can reverse the disease

This eventually led him to develop the ACE to MEF Sciences. In simple terms, each of us needs to strengthen our Awareness, Consciousness and Energy in order to Manifest, Enrich and Fulfill. It is an organized step-by-step way to create “The Eternal YOU “ and the KEY is De-programing.

According to Dr. Ramesh, ageing occurs due to the disease we create, disease is due to persistent stress, stress is due to a lack of energy, lack of energy is due to ignorance or lack of consciousness & lack of consciousness or ignorance is due to our weak Awareness, our highest source, sense & ALL.

In gradual stages, he developed two 9 level series of experiential trainings. One series focuses on self-transformation and the second is a consultant series of workshops. These eventually lead into degree programs equivalent to Bachelors, Masters, PhD and DSc in Transformational & Wellness Sciences. This allows people to practice as a consultant and trainer.

He is a teacher par excellence, full of joy and innovation, who teaches by practically demonstrating how an individual can experience The Truth in real time.

Dr.S.K.Ramesh is a man who focuses on staying in the moment as everything is evolving every moment. This is the same reason why he was never keen on writing a book because then it could be considered as the past. However, his students consistently requested for the same and after several years, in 2016 he decided to go ahead and write his first book “AWAKENING THE ACE: The Solution”.

His educational background is as follows, however, please note that everything began when he deprogrammed the below:


  • B.Sc., MBBS, MS (Ortho, Trauma, Rehab), MAMS  
  • ​AOB (Trauma), AOA (Trauma), FAO (Trauma) Swiss, FAO (Shoulder& Spine), 
  • Phd (Wellness Sciences) DSc in (Transformational Sciences)
  • Trained in Age management, Nutritional Sciences)

He has had the opportunity to set up:

  • Medical Schools (UAE)
  • Trauma Centers (UAE)
  • Futuristic Wellness & Transformational centers (where all)
  • University programs (where all)

The heartfelt work and true experience speaks for itself and can be felt by ALL as we are self similar and ONE. Everything belongs to US. Dr.Rameshs’ passion is to guide ALL to fulfill the purpose of their lives in total ease and simplicity.

“If we can create we can de-create, if we can lose our way we can find our way and if we can fail we can succeed.” – Dr.S.K. Ramesh