B.Sc., MBBS, MS (Ortho, Trauma, Rehab), MAMS (India) 
​AOB (Trauma), AOA (Trauma), FAO (Trauma) Swiss, FAO (Shoulder), 
​Austria, MAOAL (Swiss) MACNEM [Australia] MAAM [USA] 
​Age Management Advisor [USA] (Science of Youthful Ageing) 
​Professor, Consultant Energy Medicine (USICA),
Traumatologist and Wellness Consultant

​ATT ME Inc ~ Chairman 
​DRPF Worldwide
~ Director
​Dr. Ramesh’s Potent Family ~ Chairman, President & Father Figure
Dr. Ramesh's Sampoorna Kalpa Consciousness Center ~ Director
DRPF'S University of MEF Sciences and Technologies (deemed to be) ~ Chancellor Emeritus

the journey


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Dr. Ramesh in his very early stages of his training as a Medical Student from KGMC, Lucknow, India could not understand how the instruction patterns to living systems were being transmitted. He also wondered why some people became sick as they aged but many people were highly energetic and healthy in their old age. With this in mind, he went ahead in search of his quest to prevent Disease and Ageing. Today, he is a certified Age Management physician dealing with the Science of Youthful Ageing. 

​During his search he went to several teachers, did conventional medical training as well as studied ancient, non-conventional, and futuristic techniques. He was able to identify that there is a connection all the way to the source, how information systems are transmitted to our body, and how we are connected to our environment. Quantum Physics gave him a clear understanding of how one creates disease for oneself, how one can prevent disease, how one can reverse the disease. 

​ Energy sciences and Quantum Physics led him to understand how we could prevent disease naturally, by learning how to source our energies from air, water, food, sleep and environment. This understanding showed that when we start reversing disease processes we start becoming younger and younger shedding our body programs and getting connected with ALL THAT IS. 

​The recent medical understanding is that aging is a disease due to the deficiency of our hormones and collection of toxins. Aging could be reversed not only by energetic techniques, but also with the medical techniques of life style management, breathing technologies, structured water technologies, dietary supplementation, anti oxidant use, natural stimulation of endocrine glands and lastly, if absolutely necessary, hormone replacements to speed up the process. 

​A FCP [Fractal Consciousness Practitioner] is one, whose very presence evokes the inner healing process in individuals .The very look they give to the affected part, should trigger the reversal of the disease process. If a FCP can trigger a total healing at all levels; that is at Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual level, then he can be considered as a true FCP. 

Lectured in major cities around the World and India, including medical schools
1)   Participates at many conventions and congresses presenting his new science
2)   Guest Speaker, Australasian Society Of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine Seminar Melbourne 2001 – Introduction to Energy Healing 
3)   Key Note Speaker, World Congress on Alternative and Complimentary Medicine Bombay 2002 – Futuristic Medicine and Energy Technologies
4)   Guest Speaker, World Congress Of Alternative Medicine Bangalore 2003 – Tachyon Energy Science 
5)   Guest Speaker, Third European Congress on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Brussels 2003 – Energy Technologies and Traditional Chinese Medicine 
6)  Presentation, Second Asia Pacific, Conference and Exhibition on Anti-Ageing Medicine, Singapore 2003 – Tachyon Technologies 
7)  Guest Speaker, Panacea 2004, Body Mind and Soul – Tachyon Energy and Healing 
8)  Guest Speaker, Anti Ageing Conference London 2004 – Understanding the Quantum Mechanics Of Ageing 
9)  Guest Speaker, 12 Anti Ageing Congress, Las Vegas 2004 – Quantum Mechanics of Ageing and a Quantum Solution
10) Guest speaker World Metaphysics conference Budapest
11) Guest speaker, Fractal Healing Sciences and Cosmetology at Amega Global Mega Conferences Kuala Lumpur, JB, Nairobi 2007
12) VIP speaker, World Meet, Amega Global 2007,Fractal Tools and NURA Youthful Ageing Technology
13) Conducted 100 lectures, from 2008 to 2010, in various cities in Asia, Australia, Europe,Africa and America at various forums and conferences
14) Launched the Consciousness Evolution lecture series 2011 and 2012. Articles Published in Magazines 
15) Youthful Aging – the new elixir of life (Courtesy: Your Health Magazine; Feb-March 2004)
16) Well-being exhibition to feature Artistic Yoga (Courtesy: Gulf Today; Sunday April 11, 2004)
17)  Revitalizing Your Energy Bank (Courtesy: Your Health Magazine; April-May 2004) 
18)  A Nutritional Approach to Cancer Prevention (Courtesy: Your Health Magazine; April-May 2004)
​19)  Featured in several radio, TV, Magazines and Newspapers; lost count of them as it became a part and parcel of life 

Developed several courses namely: 

1) Advanced Energetic Techniques, Youthful Aging Wellness Program, Certified Youthful Aging Practitioner Program and The Ultimate Personal Transformation Program 

2) PHD Program on Integrated Tachyon Energy and Youthful Aging Sciences. 

3) Total Energetic Wellness Curriculum 

4) Quantum Stress Management 

5) Teacher Training on Stress Management 

6) Quantum Wellness Management 

7) Teachers Training of Wellness Management 

8) Practitioner Workshop Level 3 

9) Awakening Consciousness 

10) Energy Measurements / Tools for Assessment 

11) Antenna Process, the Ultimate Healing Technology 

12) Quantum techniques in Emergency Medicine 

13) Fractal Sciences Practice Program 

14) Fractal External and Internal Youthing Program 

15) MEF Science & Technology 

16) Awareness & Conscious Transformation Series

17) Life Consultant Series 


1) NURA Wellness center & franchise 

2) A GEMS franchise

3) EGA saloon franchise 

4) AFT Technology, Products and System 

5) Dr. Ramesh’s Potent Family

6) Dr Ramesh’s Potent MEF Science, Technology & Education 

7) Dr Ramesh’s MEF Products Potent Market Generating system 

8) Dr. Ramesh's Sampoorna Kalpa Consciousness Center

9) DRPF'S University of MEF Sciences and Technologies (deemed to be)

10)  The Solution Shrine

​11) The Living Aesthetics Solution Center

​12) The Solution Cafe

​13) The Solution Shop