Can an imbalanced Home or Business Environment have an impact on the people it surrounds? It sure does. A healthy environment leads to a healthier YOU in all aspects of life! Come and learn how to Manifest, Enrich & Fulfill a balanced environment..

 Assesment of the Balances & Imbalances in the Home & Business Environment
 [Earth, Water , Fire (light & Electricity), Air, Time, Space] with
-     Scanner
-     Pendulum
-     Strength Stability Flexibility Performance & Productivity Tests on the people
-     See real time changes before and after

Scanning of the Astrological Imbalances in the Environment (Home & Business) Implement the solutions to correct & Enrich Environmental Imbalances using tools to
-     Make the Environment Radiate  using the Cupula Radiante
-     Massage & Strengthen the Environment using the Masaje Cilindro.
      By massaging the environment you assist  in balancing the flow of  Awareness Consciousness and Energy in the      environment.
-       Clear Focused Points of Imbalances using the Cilindro de Laser
-      Bring about an Overall Balance for over the ground, under the ground and astral stresses using the Piramide de Expansion, Universe Card, MEF Stylo, ACE MEF Wall Pocket, MEF Dust, ACE MEF Discs, the Our Solution Card, Residence Solution Card & Enterprise Solution Card.
-     Correct the influences of the Astrological Imbalances
-     Further strengthen a Balanced Environment
-     Blueprint Solutions
-     Physical Level Corrections

Integrate & Expand
-  Integrate all of the above with your current practice in Architecture/Interiors/ Space/Environment Cleansing/Feng Shui / Vasthu
-  Become an Environment/Space Consultant

  •   How to approach a client
  •   How to open a consultancy

 The Space and Environment Solutions is a 8 Hours workshop.

Balance your Environment

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