My name is Tsogzolmaa (Tsogi). I am 22 years old. I have been making 9 minutes consciousness exercise for last 2 years. In this period of time all my life has changed entirely. At first, I understood the meaning of life and I got answers from that following questions:

1) Who am I? /make a responsibility for anything/
       If I do something bad, it will turn back to me. Rose never grows with weed.

2) What is the purpose of my life?
       If I spend all my time to help and to teach great things to others, I will not regret before I die.

3) What is right way into the future?
      In future, of course I will be a mother. Then I will be a role model to my babies. Therefore, I have to be educated, healthy, and a promising mother. Babies are like a mirror. If I become a good example to my babies, they will be proud of me one day. This process will last step by step. First I should develop myself, and then teaching my family to effect the others at least will be my next responsibility.

    I think those are the most important questions of human life. While I am meditating, I feel myself brightened and I clear myself completely (mind, heart, body).

      While I am making exercise, I think myself as a new born baby. Due to this imagination, I have nothing to think, nothing to worry. It is more possible to catch my heart.    After meditation all of my dirty stressful mind gets disappear. Therefore I built an independent empire inside of myself. Nowadays, I always become balanced. For example: People who has bad energy can’t affect me. When I have problems in social environment, I inspire myself good and bad things always circulating in life period. From exercise I learnt how to focus on good things. When I focus on positive side, I feel soft and happiness. My emotion, job career, success, family all of them depend on myself. This realization is the most powerful mechanism for me. Life is a journey. If people start making this exercise, they can travel in their own dreamed map. Every moment awesome or sad moments happens to me, I immediately remind you teacher. During this 2 years I learnt how to appreciate to god, my teachers, body organs, families, nature. Thank you and thank you again from bottom of my heart.

Tsogzolmaa Gantulga - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Sampoorna Kalpa is very important for me. I really like it because I have felt a lot of interesting things that can’t be justified by words. The process of the entire session is unforgettable. It's difficult conceive it. During the session, I had one of my first astral journeys. In that journey the universe was very bright, I was in bliss and the process in my physical body was very strong. After that, I felt very light (weight). So far, I have done Sampoorna Kalpa 5 times (each time 3 sessions hence, a total of 15). The experiences have been sensitive and different every time.

Moreover, I have followed the exercises that were taught to me by Dr.Ramesh and his team. They have been extremely helpful. I have felt joy, freedom, happiness, thoughtless and I forget all my life's problems. It feels like a cleansing and fulfilling process altogether and make me feel lighter.

I have not been on the spiritual path for very long, but the journey of my soul has become faster and my consciousness scale has developed drastically. My life is evolving and all the changes that have taken place are related to Sampoorna Kalpa. My sensitivity is developing faster than other people. The session has worked at all levels therefore, I recommend that all of you experience at least once in your life. One day I will make sure that all my lovely family members experience it as well. In the end, it is your choice, so decide and enjoy your future life. I'm very happy. I don’t have any problems my life all happy things and my soul's journey is my  lovely Guru's gift for me. I love my teacher and his family. I always thank you. I feel really lucky to have met you.

                                                                   - Narantuya

My first contact with Dr. Ramesh’s work was through Luiza Leao in April, 2015. I did The Solution workshop with her and got many benefits. At that time I had been diagnosed in an initial phase of Lumbar Disc Herniation. I was feeling strong pain, my movements and activities were limited.

 Practicing The Solution exercise the pain diminished gradually and nowadays I don’t have any pain. I can do activities that I couldn’t do before.

 Adding to that I had a treatment Skype session with Dr. Ramesh when I was in a depressive process. At the end of only one session I was already feeling very well. Peaceful and tranquil as well.

 As I had so many benefits from Dr. Ramesh’s work I decided to learn more about it and in December 2015, when Dr. Ramesh visited Belo Horizonte - Brazil. I took the teachers training course and became a The Solution Workshop teacher.

Everything that I’ve been experiencing day by day shows me the beauty and importance of Dr. Ramesh’s work.

Besides that I’ve noticed a positive personal transformation. I’m a different person, more balanced and more focused in life. I trust myself and in the paths of life.

 I thank Luiza for teaching me The Solution and Dr. Ramesh for having developed ACE MEF science.

  Luciana Leao - Belo Horizonte - Brazil

After doing the Balanced Life Solution (Nutrition) workshop, I have gradually started implementing it in my daily routine.

Below are the results:

-  Since I started the smoothie my demand for black tea and black coffee has reduced considerably.
-  Since I started the dates my demand for white sugar has reduced considerably.
-  Since I started the carom and fennel seeds tea my digestion has improved a great deal.
-  The enzymes in the drinks really helped me and my motions are more regular than previous state. I feel better and I feel more positive about myself. 

Thank you Dr S. K. Ramesh and DRPF family.

-  Kamal Lakhiani 

- Kamal Lakhiani, Dubai, UAE

Practicing the Solution helps to notice all the distractions in my life such as What’s App Messaging and to stay focused. It also helps meto recognize self-defeating behavior such as not being able to do what I set out to do in my day, being afraid to do what I want to do. I am into Forex trading (trading in financial markets) and sometimes there is fear to engage myself in trading. I catch myself as I becomemore aware of my thinking, to clear out rubbish, stress, and anxiety related to my professional activity.This training helps me to stay focused on my goals and to achieve what I desire to achieve. One of the changes I made after doing the Solution exercise is to make a check list for what I want to do during the day. I made a second check list to score my Forex trades before I actually trade so that I have anobjective view of what I am doing rather than reacting on data from the financial markets.

​The Solution helps me to trust things and to get intuitive messages from the higher self and to accept them. It helps to clear out incompletetasks, incomplete behaviors. I either do it, or delete it, or delegate it. The Solution exercise is simple. When you get into awarenesseverything falls into place.  It is a place where sometimes you don’t feel anything but things happen.  You get guidance if you are confused or have doubts. It clears up those parts of our lives where we don’t know. 

​Dr. S. K. Ramesh says you only need to say it once (the self-talk, the commands).  It is like that. The answer comes.  If you doubt theanswer it means the mind is playing tricks with you.  The Solution exercise helps me to recognize when something is coming from intuition or it is my mind playing tricks. It gives you the clarity.

​The steps of the Solution are simple and easy to follow. When I am in the Solution exercise I am aware of what’s happening. I am not going into some dream land. I am present. The more I do it the more present I am. I get strong and I am able to defend myself if I am in a situation where I normally have a self-defeating behavior. I can change it instantly into a positive behavior in my favor. It comes with awareness, being aware of what’s happening when you are interacting with others. 

​When I am doing the Solution I am quite awake and experiencing things at a level where it is profound and at the same time I am alert.  Do the Solution to have clarity, to remove doubts and fears, to be more focused in your life. Focus is important in daily life where there are many distractions. Do the Solution if you have a calling to awaken the Teacher with in because that Teacher does awaken and he gives guidance as and when needed. ​We don’t need to know everything about something or everything about what is going to happen next. Often it is better not to know.To be in the present means to allow things to happen rather than to know everything ahead. This is a benefit from the Solution work.

Doc Ramesh's guidance is simple: Deprogram....drop all you have been programmed to know and do.  Let go....Connect to the teacher and healer within, and find your own path and life purpose. Become Aware, Conscious and Energized, to reach Manifestation. Then Enrich it and remain Fulfilled. After I attended The Solution, events began to unfold during the weeks that followed the first workshop. Each time I attend the workshop, I learn something new. Magic happens in Life, amazing synchronicities appear out of nowhere, and the abundance continues to flow. 

The healings we are guided to do, during The Life Consultancy programs, use tools and not our own energies. This is a huge Plus. My Golden Energy Healings have become extremely potent with the inclusion of the Solution Sessions and the MEF tools. Changes are seen in real time before and after the sessions, darkness lifts, and postures are corrected. Those that come for the healings feel blessed.
That we are further taken on our own individual journeys through the Shambala, Freedom, Radiance and Blossoming workshops, is awesome. These are like steps on the ladder of Liberation towards Oneness. 
I feel very blessed to have connected with Doc and The Solution Family here in Dubai and in other parts of the world. We are, after all, ONE.

- Zarine Dadachanji, Dubai, UAE

I am experiencing new understanding about using my consciousness with awareness of everything that comes into my life. I feel that my learning on consciousness is helping me realize what and how to accepts my gifts and move on with my destiny. My desire is to continue learning how to apply my learnings to help me with my ultimate potential. 

​- Frances Mahan, Dubai, UAE

Thank you very much for having conducted the workshop on awareness and consciousness: ACT Level 1.  I have benefitted

enormously from it.  I have been practicing every morning and find it a very uplifting way to start my day. I actually do it while

working out on the elliptical trainer and, although I do not ​place my fingertips together (I’m holding onto the handles),

I am able to keep my eyes closed and it has been very effective:  one morning ​ I woke up with a strange pain in my left upper arm

and it went away with the awareness & consciousness exercise that morning. 

The following morning, I had an ache between the scapulae and it, too, was eliminated with the exercise.

I now want to manifest the funds for a trip to Trinidad in July 2014 for a reunion through the awareness and consciousness exercise. 

-​Elizabeth Stoute, Dubai, UAE


First of all, I am expressing my gratitude to my consciousness life teacher Dr.Segu Krishna Ramesh.

Thanks to simple teaching of great knowledge by our teacher, my small realization is WE ARE ALL 
CONNECTED TO ALL. So, If we want to create abundance of EVERYTHING, we can do it.
Thanks to the MEF Science I feel full, and I know what is waiting for me in front. We all can build
together New Golden Era in very short time. I already made my decision to change
not only my life for better but also for ALL.

My advice for you all, do not hesitate and waste your time, just listen to your heart and do your first step, change your life in consciousness way. Be free and full.

​Let's become ONE BIG FAMILY all together. Let's awaken our inner person with love.
LOVE is knocking your door, open your door and receive it with joy.

​​- Betty Badamkhand, Mongolia


I wanted to let you know how amazing the ACE MEF Sesame oil is!  The day before I did the workshop conducted by Dr. Ramesh, I was down with clogged sinuses and was in bed - when I spoke to Doc, he said "just get creative and use the oil on the sinuses and put some drops inside your nostril as well." I did just that and I was up and about the next day attending the workshop feeling just fine.  My mother-in-law arrived from Bangalore with a lot of congestion and I gave her the oil asking her to do the same and it worked like magic!  She has recovered.

                                                                                                            Thanks once again!

                                                                                                    - Sangeeta Sanjay

I bought the flexi pad to try it on my headaches and to balance my body whenever I felt extremely tired.

It helped me and keeps doing it for lots of things. It calms any pain in the body; it may be your stomach, your legs after being on your feet for 12 hours. Even my sun burnt legs that were like on fire got balanced and painless in half an hour!

My 2 ½ year old daughter asks for it when she’s not feeling good, has fever or her tummy aches.It’s amazing!

Flexi Pad Testimonial by Barbara Brown from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Ramesh brought us a vast number of experiences within the ACE MEF science he has developed.

 I’ve had the opportunity to participate in some The Solution Workshops and I’ve applied it in my day to day life.

The results are really practical and efficient and the practice of The Solution exercise helps us in various aspects such as balance, emotional control, decision making and beyond all, physical health; As everything is interconnected, applying The Solution to life triggers a personal change for the better.

The exercise is very easy and we only need to include it, and it’s principles, to our routine to start benefiting from it.

Doing that I’m being able to treat my emotional after a trauma I went through in the past. Besides that, going through Dr. Ramesh’s treatment I got rid of a pain in my right leg that was disturbing me for a long time.

I’m grateful for all of this, not mentioning the other learnings I’ve got from this wonderful person - Dr. Ramesh - who dedicates his life to help people realize how simple to have a better life is.

Vania T Leao Ramos - Belo Horizonte - Brazil

My story with Dr. Ramesh’s Potent Family solutions actually started through my mum’s experience. After I met Dr. Ramesh in a lecture I immediately resonated with his teachings and I decided to book a Solution Session for my mum who was coming to Dubai to visit my family. Her main concerns were a pain in the hip and the loss of her son (my brother) in a very traumatic situation. She attended the Solution Session a few days after she arrived in Dubai and for the month she stayed in Dubai she followed Dr. Ramesh’s prescribed exercises religiously and her progress was quite impressive! Her hip pain was less by 70%, and even more fascinating was the beautiful let go process that she went through. She became so much stronger that she decided to stop living on antidepressants and take control her own life again. 

Amazed with my mum’s outcomes I decided to the have a Solution Session myself. Practicing Dr. Ramesh’s simple exercise everyday I started noticing positive changes not only in myself, but in my family, environment and people around me. I also realized that the best part of my life journey had just started! I did “The Solution” workshop in August 2014. In that same month I decided to start the Life Consultant Bachelors course. Since then I’ve taken Life Consultant I,II and IV, Life Solution (Shambala) and Freedom workshops.

I can divide my life in before and after Dr. Ramesh. He helped me to experience my own truth and to see life through a different paradigm triggering the de-programming and re-formatting of my life according to my true desires. This is not the end, because this story has no end. It’s limitless. It will expand with my own evolving experiences stories and the stories from the people that I’ll be able to help as a Life Consultant. And these people will help others that will help others… This is the great beauty of the whole Solution System!  

​​ Freedom Solution:
Before doing Dr. Ramesh’s workshops I used to wake up every day feeling anxious and overwhelmed by fears, guilty and some times regret. Stress was a constant. The to-do list was a monster looking at me saying: “You’ll won’t be able to do all of this in your 18 hours day!”…  And, of course, at the end of the day I hadn’t ticked all the items in my list. It was not realistic, even inhuman! That created more stress and irritation… The next day same routine… This was leading myself to a state of helplessness and depression.  Dr. Ramesh’s workshops took me out this weakening cycle giving myself tools to overcome the situation. Although I was feeling much stronger and empowered I was still dragging that big ball of iron with everything that caused me to get to that sick situation attached to it.  With the Freedom Solution that iron ball became a small cotton ball and I easily through it away. I was reborn to a world that was there, inside myself, all the time, and I just couldn’t reach it. Freedom!! ​

- Luiza Leao (Dubai, Origin country: Brazil) 

It was a whole new awareness process that I went though in these two day. New information, new techniques and saw amazing results after the session. To some extent I can say that my perception about a lot of things were changed. And I feel happier at the end of this course. Thanks a bunch for your kindness!
- Aastha Dhawan, Dubai UAE

I am really enjoying the teachings of ACT Level 1. I am glad that all of us really connected because I have also learnt a lot from everyone in the class. I feel like I am finding some answers and I have learnt a tool to fix many things. 

​- Ana Maria Quesada Cerreda, Dubai, UAE


I am Narantungalag from Mongolia. I have returned home and I continue to follow the regime taught to me in the 21-day retreat with DRPF. I wake up early in the morning and I meditate/exercise as early as I can.

I would like to mention that I feel a lot different post 21 days of Balanced Life Solution, I feel so relaxed and relieved.

​I have lost 2-3 kgs. I have been told that I am looking younger and balanced, as well as rejuvenated ​out of my older appearance. Also, my skin on the face and body feels lifted. It looks like I am having a brighter skin color appearance with a glow in my eyes and it turned out that conjunctivitis in my eyes thinned like a just born infant.

 I love the foods that I am cooking for myself and I am glad it is so delicious. I have no incentive to eat meat and white flour types of food.

 I have taught Intro training to over 14 people so far. I am so glad that I was trained for this 21 days course. I haven't gone yet for the medical examination. Also, I have not get examined my blood pressure as I commonly do not experience that problem.

                                - Narantungalag, Mongolia

​I would like to thank Dr.S.K. Ramesh & his Team for making all the products : Masaje Cilindro, Cupula Radiante, ACE MEF Pendulum and MEF 12L discs.  I experience many shifts in my environment.  I think my family feels it as well.  There is a deeper silence since I installed the discs in the db box.  It's wonderful to be in my home.  I feel the change the most when I walk outside in a neighbouring area. The heaviness from the electricity,  satellite dish, antennae,  mobile phone towers, tv and radio tv towers.  It feels really dense and pulls one down.  Thank heaven for the Self Solution Card,  Pendants,  DRPF Stylo,  ACE MEF Scepter and ACE MEF Pendulum.  I find ways to keep it handy and easy to access.  I can feel the difference qualitatively.

- Kamal Lakhiani, Dubai, UAE.

I attended The Solution Workshop yesterday (February 2015) and it was amazing!  I would like to share that I have been having a prickly pain at my heels and elbows in the morning, as I would get out of bed, which would go away during the course of the day. But today morning when I was out of the bed.....NO SUCH PAIN..... I had focused on those two spots when Dr. Ramesh was guiding us.... Much gratitude to Dr. Ramesh for sharing his immense knowledge with us.

- Rashna Daruwalla, Dubai, UAE

It’s not as if my life has changed dramatically in these past 6 months, but subtle changes are happening in my day to day life such as increasing awareness, sudden moments of clear perception, being mindful of my thoughts, not allowing them to dwell and multiply, among other things. Simultaneously, I have also become more aware of a shift,or a change in people’s behavior and attitude.  It is amazing. One gesture, one person, one moment at a time. I am happy to practice seeking all that I want tomanifest in my life as I trust the self process of awakening the power within, of co-creating.​ The Life Consultant Workshop has equipped me with a great asset that I can apply in my goal of becoming a Wellness and Transformation Therapist. The potency of Dr Ramesh’s Consciousness tools that apply MEF Technology and Science has to be experienced to be believed. The Stylo has become my best friend of late, like a magic wand to fix all that needs to be balanced in my environment, or within my self, whether at the emotional, mental, physical or etheric levels. The practice has worked on my family (during illness), my pets, my plants, and has improved the general energetic vibration in my home space.

The Solution Workshop: The simplest and easiest way of finding solutions in all levels of one’s existence. And it’s fun! This workshop has helped me to experience my own truth, empowering my inner self and guiding me through the paths I should follow to fulfill my true desires doubtlessly and therefore with no stress.

Life Solution (Shambala) Workshop: Life Solution is an evolving journey of one’s existence. The Shambala workshop extended “The Solution” exercise and allowed myself to experience the universal existence, unconditional love and universal oneness helping myself to put borders down, to reach my deepest true desires and to strengthen and expand my core even more, which took my life journey to a totally new dimension.

Thank you Dr. Ramesh for a wonderful integrated Scanner & Life Consultant program.

This program will enhance my healing sessions.
The information that Dr.Ramesh provided comes from his many decaded of practice. The protocol has a purpose for the client to correct imbalances on all levels - emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. I felt very comfortable being able to ask all my questions and even ask the same questions from a new level of experience the next day. The 4 days of training allowed me many opportunities to use many of the tools for balance of myself and the people I got to practice on. Dr.Ramesh is very attentive to all aspects of the training. We covered a lot of material training, concepts and ideas in the 4 days.
- Lawrence Michael Enderle, Dubai, UAE

​I felt really relaxed. The teacher was able to deliver the information in a clear manner.

Demonstrations for flexibility and strength was very good. I'm recognizing more of the coherence of all sciences and knowledge. I had a lot of realizations through this first level workshop. ​The class is great and I recommend ACT Level 1 to everybody. 

Nisreen Hani Alhussein, Jordan


Nikhila you were simply awesome running the workshop. It was amazing to see your style and how you with ease showed the power of The Solution. For the first time through your guidance I was just there in the moment and could not recall any of what happened. All I recall you voice guiding me and yesterday night after such a long time I had the most amazing rest,it was amazing to wake up in refreshing manner. Thank you Nikhila

- Rohit Bassi, Dubai, UAE

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for sharing "The Solution". It most certainly has been a life changing experience. Generally, after workshops the energy that is experienced seems to dissipate; not so after taking "The Solution". The shift that has taken place within seems to be gently increasing! I feel more expanded and at the same time grounded. My thinking processes have become clearer and my creativity seems to be on the rise too. There truly is potency within this work!  Thank you for taking the complex science of wellness and spiritual transformation and making it very simple and accessible. With heartfelt gratitude I say thank you. May this work continue to flourish, and bring many blessings to the world.


                                                                       - Michael Keleman, Florida, USA

I have been a vegetarian for 6 months before I started the Balanced Life Solution.

I ate vegetarian food but I did not know how to assess the change in my physical body.

I started practicing what I learnt in the Balanced Life Solution workshop and understood how to assess the changes in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. The ACE MEF way of life includes ALL aspects (breathing, exercise, nutrition) required to live a balanced life.

Thanks to BLS I have learnt how to change the structure of water to make it alkaline for my body. Now I know all. My soul requires meditation. My physical body needs good structure food, water and air.

I have started to change the food for my family little by little everyday. Now, I cook meat for my kids only once a day rather than twice. Before, my little boy couldn’t eat meat and we would force him to eat it. After BLS, I realize that meat is not a basic natural instinct for us humans and his body was naturally rejecting it. Now, he is happy because I only cook vegetarian food for him.

Every night my children and I practice the exercises. We feel really light after that as if we are flying. After Balanced Life Solution I am going through a lot of cleansing and feel very light in all aspects of life. My expenses have reduced because I don’t need to go to the gym as the exercises taught in BLS are sufficient to do at home. I definitely feel more muscular.

Also, since the consumption of meat and processed/refined foods have gone down by a lot – the grocery bills have reduced.

Balanced Life Solution was really worth it and has changed my life. Thank you Dr.Ramesh for guiding us to correct our lives in all aspects – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My life has been really good and stable since I started to follow what has been taught to me by DRPF.

Narantuya – Balanced Life Solution feedback

Nikhila Ramesh introduced me to the Free Solution Exercise. The first time I tried it, I felt an instant calm and balance both physically and mentally. I work in a high-stress environment and suffered from backaches, which were triggered off during periods of extreme anxiety and stress. I started practicing the exercise every morning. This resulted in becoming less anxious and I began to believe that I can handle the challenges of the day ahead. The backaches also became less frequent. I would like to express my gratitude to Dr.Ramesh and Nikhila and recommend trying it, experiencing it in order to believe it.

​                    - Upasana Bhatia, Dubai, UAE

Being a student on the path of self growth and self empowerment for some time now, I wanted to learn The Solution to tap into the inner reservoir that I always knew existed, but had not been able to delve in really deep.  Through The Solution and Dr Ramesh’s timely reminders for self talk, being your own teacher, and the potential of ACE (Awareness Consciousness Energy) to MEF (Manifestation Enrichment and Fulfillment) concept have been a God sent assistance in my inner journey.  


​The Shambala Consciousness has brought about a huge shift in my self confidence. Most importantly, there is a knowingness that is on the rise from within, that I am the co-creator of my life, all of it, the highs as well as the lows, and the sacred space within me is ALL that is. I had these moments of truth even before, but it used to be in spurts now and then. But now, after practicing the Shambala, its like a wave that keeps growing bigger, its like a constant supply is available, I don’t know how else to explain it.  Also, I trust my inner voice more than ever before, while making a decision, as I now believe that I am the Master of my own life.

The Freedom Workshop has greatly lightened my spirit to sail through issues with greater ease and I am truly going with the flow of life now.  ‘Letting go’ has been my frequent companion for a while now, but it has become easier now.During fluctuating moments, I am now able to arrive at the integrated moment in my heart, from where I am able to approach a problem with greater clarity.  Example; our microwave oven has a technical problem since a few months now and would not work for more than two minutes at a time.  Recently it reduced to 1 minute and not being in a comfortable financial state currently, I could not buy a new microwave.  Suddenly, I remembered seeing a sticker from an Electronic repairs shop at my door the day before, and I opened the door, picked up the sticker, called the shop, and the technician came within half an hour, took the micro, and brought it back repaired within 4 hours!  I had found a solution at 1/3rd the cost of a new microwave and it works perfectly, with a guarantee from the shop to repair if anything goes wrong.  And all these months, we were frustrated with the limited use of the microwave.  But for me, the highlight of a Freedom experience as a result of the shift in my consciousness is achieving freedom of movement by way of being gifted an old car by an acquaintance out of the blue.  I have been manifesting for a car raffle win for a while now, and am so delighted with this gift, as I will not have to be dependent on my son or my friends to be driven around.  Woohooo!!!  Freedom rocks. 

My heartfelt gratitude to Dr S K Ramesh for assisting me to return to the treasures within me.

​- Goolcher Navdar, Dubai, UAE

The Solution has changed my life. The first time I did the process, was the first time ever that I reached a space of complete silence and thoughtlessness and heard the sounds of the Universe. It has become an effortless daily ritual, a dynamic, effective, space that I happily go to, in order to recharge, balance and reach my full potential. 


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