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Dr. Ramesh says that one needs a couple of resources to source energy - WATER, AIR, SLEEP, FOOD and ENVIRONMENT.

However, there is still a lack in the system due to IGNORANCE. Due to this lack of KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE and because we have not been TAUGHT on how to maintain a balance amongst these four resources we experience a lack and an imbalance.

One can maintain a balance with the help of energy harnessing exercises such as the ACT Level 1 - The Solution. 

Training Series:

A -Balanced Life Solution

1) Balanced Life Solution Training

2) Balanced Life Solution 27 Day Retreat Program

B - Awareness & Conscious Transformation Series

1) ACT Level 1 - The Solution:Find the universal solution that can be applied to Business, Home & Self.

2) ACT Level 2 - The Freedom Solution: Achieve FREEDOM from the clouds of past EVENTS, MEMORIES and BLOCKS to allow the radiance of the sun within you to nourish your whole body.

3) ACT Level 3 - The Life Solution (Shambala): Learn how to Manifest, Enrich and Fulfill the purpose of life.

4) ACT Level 4 - The Radiance Solution: Radiate out of your body to become a pillar of strength for the world around you.

5) ACT Level 5 - The Blossoming Solution: Unfold & Blossom into your ENERGY World.

6) ACT Level 6 - The Blossoming Solution: Unfold & Blossom into your CONSCIOUSNESS World.

7) ACT Level 7 - The Blossoming Solution: Unfold & Blossom into your AWARENESS World. 

8)  ACT Level 8 - The Manifestor: create in the TIMELESS & SPACELESS state. 

9) ACT Level 9 - The Manifestor: BE in the FORMLESS.

​10) Kids and Teens Solution

C - Life Consultant Series

This series of workshops teaches one on how to be a practitioner of life. It touches upon every aspect of life, from being a student up to becoming a teacher.

1) Life Consultant Level 1 - Scanner Workshop

2) Life Consultant Level 2 - Basic MEF Techniques

3) Life Consultant Level 3 - Advanced MEF Techniques

4) Life Consultant Level 4 - Product Experience & Training

5) Life Consultant Level 5 - Strengthening of Organs & Organ Systems

6) Life Consultant Level 6 - Universal Imaging Scanner Training

7) Life Consultant Level 7 - Bachelors Training

8) Life Consultant Level 8 - Masters Training + Thesis

9) Life Consultant Level 9 - PhD Training + Thesis + Defense

10) Living Aesthetics

11) Finance Solution

12) Space & Environment Solution