Online (Skype) Consultation Charges:

1) One on one consultation per person will be $270 for 1 hour.

3) Business/Organization consultation will be $900 for 1 hour

2) Family of 4 consultation will be $540 for  1 hour

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“Pain and Fear are the reasons for imbalances in our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial health.”
Dr. S.K. Ramesh

The services provided covers all aspects of wellbeing such as; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and so on.
It can help you identify the problem and the intensity of it. The problem could be known or unknown to the individual. And you can get a solution for the same through the Consciousness Scanning Session

​In Dr. Ramesh's early days, as an Orthopaedic Surgeon he treated several patients with a broken bone and to fix it he realized that it he was using the "opposite force" of what caused the fracture to correct it in the right way. This was that WOW! moment because he suddenly realized that this could be applied to any level of existence.

​Dr. S.K. Ramesh says, "One creates their own problems knowingly or unknowingly and similarly, we have the capacity to de-create them as well".

To invoke the self healing process within you the ideal sessions would be: 

1) Transformation & Wellbeing Session
2) Sampoorna Kalpa Session

"If you can create you can de-create." - Dr.S.K. Ramesh