Personal Sessions

A Master Teacher of DRPF, Dr Ramesh also practices with special cases with individuals, families and groups. 

Connect with him from any part of the globe,

for an exclusive session.



Group Sessions

DRPF Telly

Conceived to connect with people across the globe, DRPF Telly is our Social Media program that opens up a platform for individuals to rediscover everyday life

with a fresh perspective, and a simple exercise!

Join our free webinars every Sunday & Thursday, on Facebook LIVE 

Happiness Movement

Explore Happiness as a path, not a destination.

Learn how to create joy from within, instead of seeking validation from outside.

Practice inner well-being with a simple exercise. 

Abstracts to Awakening

A 3 part workshop series designed to decipher ancient Vedic concepts like Kundalini, Trinetra (Third Eye), and Karma (Karmic Cycle).