Acknowledge, Activate and Appreciate your Inner Teacher with

Dr. Segu Krishna Ramesh

Medical Doctor, a Professor and Consultant of Traumatology,

Orthopaedic Surgery, PhD in Wellness Sciences and DSc Transformational Sciences.

Find, Follow and Fulfill your destiny...

''Awareness is a virtue, Consciousness, an asset and Energy is wealth...''


His journey started as a curious Doctor, eager to decipher the untold, unknown, operative system of the human body.  His path evolved overtime, redefining its destination, soon bringing him to a life changing crossroad. 

Dr Ramesh's destined journey started when his wife was diagnosed with an incurable disease. Puzzled, yet resolute, he then set off to explore the very root cause of disease 

and its solutions.

And then, there was no looking back.


Find the universal solution for every aspect of life, be it inside or outside,

with the first book by Dr Segu Krishna Ramesh.

Go deep into your very source, within, and Awaken the Teacher in you.

Build a fruitful relationship with your inner being.




Start your self transformational process to let go, cleanse and rejuvenate yourself for a content and confident life.


Dedicate a few days to awaken

and enrich your inner being to find,

follow and fulfill your destiny.


Help others heal. Start a career

as a wellness professional and

become a consultant of all aspects of life.


PhD & DSc

Become a coach & consultant in wellness and transformation.  Research, realize

and enlighten towards a PhD and DSc.

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Rohit Bassi

Personal Coach | DUBAI

"It was also the third time I met Doc Uncle. He listened to me with great compassion, on a day when people generally celebrate with their families and friends. After listening to all that I had to say, he simply said 'Son, it is the absence of love.'"